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                        ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION

Sample from SSABSA

Should experimentation on animals for medical benefits be permitted?



The issue of vivisection, that is, animal experimentation, is highly controversial because animals evoke very strong emotions in many members of the public.  Animal lovers claim that experimentation on animals is a cruel and fruitless activity.  However, many in the medical and related fields argue that experimentation on animals is crucial to finding medical cures for human beings.  This vast difference in opinions concerning animal experimentation has prompted me to research into the question:


In order to answer my question adequately, my study focused on:

           The case for animal experimentation

           The case against animal experimentation

           The laws and legislation in Australia

           Possible solutions to this issue


1.    The Case For Animal Experimentation

           Background on the case for - show graph of types of animals used

           Relevance of experimentation

           Benefits for humans - examples of medical breakthroughs

           Public expectations - show survey results

           Example of future cures and inventions of medical machines


2.    The Case Against Animal Experimentation

           Background on the case against

           Moral and ethical argument

           Irrelevance of experimentation

           Difference between animals and humans

           Unreliable testing - eg. thalidomide

           Discovery of medicines/drugs without the aid of vivisection

           Multi-million dollar industries behind vivisection


3.    The Laws and Legislation in Australia

           Guidelines - show survey results

           Problems with the law


4.    Alternatives and Other Solutions


5.    Conclusion

Evidence in my research shows that, for the present, experimentation on animals for medical purposes has the support of the government, and a large section of the public, and should therefore be allowed to proceed, but under strict guidelines.  However, the arguments put forward by antivivisectionists to ban animal experimentation are gaining favour and support from the general public, and perhaps in the not too distant future, there will be a total ban on vivisection.


6.    Invite Questions from Members of the Class