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Research Evaluation Report

(600 - 800 words)

Aim of Research
Write an introductory paragraph on:
  • what the topic of your research study was
  • what the specific issues you examined were (what does the research study aim to look into)

Selection Process

  • Difficulties encountered in the selection process
  • How they were overcome
    Note: If no difficulties, ignore this section due to word limit

Method of Research
Narrate, describe, evaluate, assess, comment on any one of these if they are carried out. Select only the more significant ones.

1. Anecdotal record of activities carried out

  • Library visits
  • Discussions (class, peers, senior students, family members, etc)
  • Teacher-student consultation
  • Telephone calls
  • Note-taking
  • Letter writing
  • Conducting interviews / surveys
  • Attending talks / lectures / forums
  • Visits to govt./non-govt. agencies / voluntary organisations / international bodies / newsrooms / resource centres, etc.
  • Drafting - Presentation and Evaluation Report

2. Sourcing for Information (Primary and Secondary)

  • Written sources
    - books,
    - periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers)
    - internet materials
    - surveys
    - CD-Roms
  • Oral / Spoken sources
    - documentary films
    - talks, lectures
    - radio, TV broadcasts
    - personal interviews

3. Time Management
Was a time plan prepared?
Was the time plan useful?
Was the plan closely adhered to? (if no, why not? What worked, what did not?)
Were deadlines met?

4. Format of presentation
- which format chosen and why?
- any change later?

5. Reference areas
Discuss any difficulties you have with your resources
- availability
- relevance to topic
- difficulty of language, content

  • Was there a balance of both spoken and written resources?
  • Did you have a variety of resources?
  • Any resources that you found too late to use?

Personal and Critical Evaluation

  • Research Presentation
    - Were you able to cover all areas satisfactorily?
    - Was the introduction effective and interesting?
    - Was it easy for you to draw the conclusions at the end of the research?
    - Were the statistical data up to date and reliable?
    - Did you think you presented an objective and fair view of the issue?
    - What could have been improved?
  • Personal Skills
    - What did you learn from this research study?
    - Personal growth
    - Language development
    - Research skills
    - Deeper knowledge of the topic/issue
  • Areas of improvement
    - time management
    - attitude change
    - language proficiency
    - writing skills
    - people relations