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Extracting points from articles



(Parker, 1997)
bulletExceeding budget
bulletInsufficient trained labour force
bulletOver building
bulletBoost of $6 billion to Australian economy
bullet7 year focus for tourism
bulletimpact on construction and development industry
bulletconfidence in business- economic recovery
(Walsh, 1996)
bulletThreat of terrorism, security of grounds, athletes, & Sydney's transport
bulletComplexity of the task
(Herbert, 1996)
bulletNegative social impact: rent increases, evictions, increased homelessness
bulletThreat of security and civil liberties: freedom of access, road closures, normal services
bulletChance to benefit community in :
bulletemployment for long-term unemployment & youth
bullettop quality transport for Sydney
(Cromie, 1996)
bulletAuthority will think being green will mean losing money
bulletAuthority will fall down on green issues: sewage, waste, conservation, pollution
bulletDemands of conservationist not feasible
bulletChance to hold the most environmentally friendly Games ever