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     Considered Response 1     

Analytical Essay

bulletExam Procedure:
bulletyou are allowed to bring in your blue book and 4 to 5 sheets of paper
bulleteach sheet must have a 1-1 1/2 inch margin on the right hand side on both sides of the paper (for draft only)
bulleteach of your writing sheets will be stamped "Miss Prem" in red and you are not allowed to use any empty writing sheets that is not stamped (including your outline or brainstorm sheet)
bulletif you need more paper, make sure you have it stamped before you start
bulletyou are not allowed to have any written essays or long notes in your blue book (you can have the notes on your analysis during class discussions with you)
bulletplease do not copy by sneaking a written essay into the classroom or copying other students work.
bulletif you are found cheating you will not be allowed to continue (Don't test me on this)
bullet4 hour paper held over 4 days
bulleteach day the essay written will be collected and returned the next day for you to continue (all stamped sheets and question paper must be handed in)
bulletyou will not be given extra time after the 4 days
bulletexam date: 13th-16th of April 2004
bulletDay 1: analyzing question, outline, referencing text
bulletDay 2: Introductory paragraph and support paragraph
bulletDay 3: remaining support paragraphs and concluding paragraph
bulletDay 4: proofread essay for content and grammar
bulletyour draft will be returned with comments on the right columns
bulletyou will have 3 hours to improve your essay (3 days)
bulletadditional writing paper will have be stamped before you start writing
bulletdo not take your draft back (considered cheating)
bulletagain all rules as in draft writing applies to finals except you do not have to leave a 1 inch margin for the final piece
bulletstaple your draft behind your final piece and staple them together with the pro-forma sheet in the front page.

Do your best. You have the skill; now apply it.