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Children's Rights

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

What is it?

It is a document that protects children around the world and gives them the rights to:





Identify your position and the role you are playing in the team.




The task that you are assigned or undertaking to save your client (the child)

       who informed you of the problem?

       what are you expected to do?


Problem /Conflict

       List the problems that you are assigned to solve.

       Present the current situation and how this affects the rights of the child.

       Why is this problem(s) in conflict with the childs characteristics?



       List solutions.

       Explain how each of your solutions will assist the child.

       show how your suggestions will effect the current environment of the child for the better.

       How would your suggestion create a normal and healthy childhood for the child?

       who are the members of your team that you are contacting to activate your suggestions.



       Present some of your frustrations on why you are unable to fulfill your solutions to save the child.



       Present your expectations on your solution of saving the child.

       Explain your experience of saving the child.

       What have you learned about childhood while saving your child?