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*       Women’s rights

*       Are women still fighting for their rights today?


*       Breaking the glass ceiling

*       What are the oppositions towards success among women?

*       Why is the glass ceiling concept mainly in the cooperate world?


*       Career women vs. family

*       Should women work against their nature when it comes to careers?

*       “Women can’t be soft if they work”

*       “They can’t be compassionate if they work”

*       “Working mothers don’t make good mothers”

·         Are the statements above true?

·         Why is this the common stereotypes given to working women?


*       The “modern woman” – a reality or a myth

*       Define a modern woman

*       How has the modern woman evolved from the traditional one?

*       How does the modern woman contribute to society?

*       Women’s identity and space

*       A room of One’s Own

*       Married name or maiden name

*       Why is identity and space so important to women?