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By Mary E. Wilkins Freeman




*†† In a group of 3 or 4 students write a 400 words narrative, personal reflective and a letter using the story above.

*†† You can choose your own angle on how you wish to represent the story but you must use the correct format for each genre.

*†† This is group work and to enhance your skill in writing the genre, each member must contribute.

*†† One group is only expected to hand in one sample of each genre.



Analyzing the writing technique.

1.      How does Freeman use the narrative elements in the story:

*†††††††††† Characterization

*†††††††††† Plot development

*†††††††††† Setting

*†††††††††† Point of view

*†††††††††† Conflict

*†††††††††† Climax

*†††††††††† Anti-climax

*†††††††††† Description


2.      Is there any foreshadowing used in the story? Where? How does this enhance the writing of the narrative?

3.      Is exaggeration used in the story? What is the object of exaggeration? Does it work?

4.      Analyze the description used in the story? How does it help create the atmosphere?

5.      How is Adronirumís view of whatís best for the future of the family differing from Sarahís view? Who is right?

6.      What is the purpose of this narrative? Is the purpose clearly brought forward?

7.      What are the issues brought forward in the story? List.

8.      What are the roles played by Nanny and Sammy? Why is this important in the narrative?

9.      What are the strong points (interesting part) of this narrative? How would you improve in writing it yourself?

10.  Can you write a similar story using modern couples or is this just issues of the past?