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Michael Wilding


bulletGeneral questions:
bulletWhat role does family play for a child?
bulletHow does prejudice affect a child's view of the world around him?
bulletHow much does the values and views of parents affect the reaction of the child to similar ideas?
bulletAt times children are expected to follow ideas/traditions that they don't understand and cannot be explained by their parents. How can a child find his place in society when he does not know where he fits in the community?
bulletHow can family become confusing?  (Heritage and honour)
bulletCan family be logical?
bulletWhat role does family play in David's life? How much is he affected by the values of his family?
bulletHow is the issue of class dealt with in this story?
bulletChildren are impressionable and believe and pick up on everything they hear around them. How is this true in this story?
bulletWhat role does language and education have to distinguish class?
bulletWhat is the gender statement used by the father in the story? How does it affect David? What was his father's problem -the fact that David has grown up or that he plays with dolls?
bulletHow does the father's crude comment affect the children's fantasy play? (identity)
bulletDoes name calling affect children? Would children realize that these crude statements as hurting?
bulletWhy does David confuse white with being a coward at the same time sees it as good and pure? Analyse the confusion between the two interpretations of white?
bulletHow does father's reaction to the possum affect the children? Why is the father not entertained by the children's amusement?
bulletWhat is the shame that David faced? How is he to wipe away the shame he does not understand?
bulletWhat would happen to a child that works against his nature? (none violent - violent acts)
bulletHow has his actions affected David?  Why does he feel guilty for killing the animal when he saved his family honour?
bulletWhat is David's father's view about being a MAN?
bulletWhy is David seen as an "automaton figure"? What has changed?
bulletAnalytical Question:
bulletParents often impose their views and ideas on their children. Why does this create an identity crisis for the child?
bulletWhy is the search for identity important for a child?
bulletParents should allow children to have views of their own. Discuss.
bulletRole-models  can attribute positive effect or negative effect on their mentees if they communicate views correctly. 
bulletPrejudice is a subject children are ignorant about yet they can be easily influenced to follow and practice prejudicial behaviour from the influence of their surroundings. Discuss.